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I wholeheartedly endorse Marc Straub for Douglas County Commissioner! I can’t think of anyone out there that would be a better candidate! He is a person of great honor and integrity who is a non-politician that is running for all the right reasons!

Randy Gold 

I have had the privilege of getting to know Marc Straub the last few years through BNCW. He is a hardworking man, a great leader, listens to the ideas of those around him, is kind and endearing. I gladly endorse him for this position!

Callie Klein

Just a preview of one great man stepping up to serve.

Vicki Malloy

Marc is the right man for this position. Honest, Hardworking, Smart, Tough, Conservative, Strong Leadership. I’ve known Marc for about six years and I have a great amount of respect for him and am proud to call him a good friend!

Ray Campbell

Marc is a stand-up citizen who will not only fight for what the people of Douglas County need, but he will do it with honesty and integrity. He will always have my vote.

Rachel Beardslee

I’m proud to endorse Marc Straub for Douglas County Commissioner. Quite honestly, he’s the best person for the job! His honesty and integrity will help lead Douglas county into the years to come!

Craig Campbell

Honestly can’t think of anyone I’d rather have as Douglas County Commissioner. A great man, a great leader and a great friend!

Lee Pfluger

I whole heartedly endorse Marc Straub for the position of Douglas County Commissioner.   I’ve known Marc for nearly 20 years.   He is an individual of impeccable character, and he is a man of principle.   Marc is hardworking, honest and always willing to put the needs of others first.   No one is better equipped to serve as a Douglas County Commissioner.

Brian Minnich

He is respectful, listens, constructively contributes to debate and gives voice to everyone in the room. Marc’s most striking quality is his humility. I wholeheartedly endorse Marc Straub.

Terry Fike

All voters hope to have an elected official who has the greater good of their community in mind and strives to make it better.  Marc Straub’s quiet determination, solid character and love of community combine to make an ideal candidate any District would be proud to elect.

Lara Hastings

No doubt the most qualified candidate we have had the opportunity to elect to the Douglas County Commission in a very long time.

Carol Kavanaugh

Hello Fruit Fans! Time for a candidate endorsement. Farmer Chuck has retired, but I still live in Douglas County along with my wife, grown children and grandkids. I’ve known Marc Straub for many years as a neighbor, business owner, and involved community member. He understands our need for affordable housing for local residents. He understands the balance between growth management and economic development. Please join me in voting for Marc for Douglas County Commissioner.

Chuck Podlich

Hi, I’m Randy Agnew, Mayor of the City of Rock Island. I’m not a professional politician. I am a citizen first, a government official second and I will always represent the best interests of the people I serve. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Marc Straub over the last couple of years. I’ve admired his dedication, research and investment of time in understanding the issues and operations of Douglas County. Like me, he’s not interested in being a professional politician. His goal is to do what’s best for the people he represents. Marc will make a great Douglas County Commissioner! I’ll be voting for him and I encourage you to as well.

Randy Agnew

Marc has also received endorsements from:

  • Steve Jenkins, Douglas County Commissioner – District 3
  • Dan LaRoche – Douglas County Sheriff (Retired)
  • Washington Farm Bureau
  • Douglas County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild
  • Douglas County Republican Central Committee 
  • Washington Small Business Council
  • North Central Washington Association of Realtors
  • Washington Association of Realtors
  • Affordable Housing Council of Central Washington
  • Central Washington Home Builders Association
  • Jon Wyss
  • Jeff Story
  • Carol Klock Williams 
  • Ed & Tammy Gardner
  • Chuck & Sharon Podlich
  • Dan & Teresa Beardslee
  • Jim Walker